+ What is MultiFE?

MultiFE is a simple, but effective fullscreen Virtual Jukebox and Game Launcher frontend for your arcade or jukebox cabinet.

Why this Arcade frontend called MultiFE?

MultiFE uses a library system which can carry its own Orientation format for music (Singles and Albums) and even for pc and emulator based games. This means MultiFE can use multiple type of collections for both games and music.

Due MultiFE support MultiPle Libraries for games and orientations for music, this application is called Multiply FrontEnd.
MultiFE is renamed from MultiJuke, you should upgrade to MultiFE, if you still use MultiJuke.

Who is MultiFE to?

Arcade GUIMultiFE is designed to use with 4 button Neogeo Controller layout in mind, but other type of controller layouts with 2 and 3 buttons with other button colors is also supported.

Jukebox GUIMultiFE is also designed with keypad in mind, if you want to use MultiFE as a dedicated jukebox player with similar controls as Sk-Jukebox. That is regardless if you use a monitor or LCD devices.

Touchscreen GUIMultiFE can even been used with a touchscreen with a clean simple interface, with the Touchscreen GUI mode.

Who much do MultiFE cost?

You can use this for free, but donations is nice for supporting.

Who is behind MultiFE?

Space Fractal from Denmark