+ Screenshots of MultiFE

Here is some screenshots from MultiFE.

  • All screenshots shown here use the default color skin.
  • Snaps before MultiFE 2.10 is shown as regular 640x480 resolution.
  • Snaps From MultiFE 2.10+ is downsscaled from 1280x1024.
  • MultiFE support these resoulutions.
Arcade GUI - Emulators
This is the emulator selection list in Arcade GUI, where you select your system or music library.

ps. the danish search is for long time fixed!

This is selection of a MAME game in a Table view

The Jukebox GUI interface using Keypad mode (same inputs as the Sk-Jukebox) and can been shown in black/white.

This is the Touchscreen Table mode where you select albums.

Selection of a game, also diffecent clones of same rom is joined into one "folder".

The new Gallery feature in Jukebox GUI and in Danish language