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news on 27-10-2013

Since its long time ago, there is now a new Beta with a lots of bug fixes, but still require some more works, but MultiFE v2.5 Beta is released!! Known issues:

news on 22-10-2013

  • MultiFE v2.5 is coming soon, except a release later this week. Im trought im would never have touched on this again. But im got updated my arcade control panel and went back again.
  • This release is mostly only bug fixes as well focus issues plauged with Windows 7. There is still few more work to been done, howover some features might need removed (such as mame vidoes)
  • one new feature have been added: Coverart does now show the full quality when waited a little bit when scrolling trought albums in Explorer mode.
      Forum is currectly changed to news at 30-05-2010, why there is not more info here.